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 1.22 b2 Change Log

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PostSubject: 1.22 b2 Change Log   Sat Mar 28, 2009 11:21 pm

1.22 b2 Change Log

Class Skill Changes

Red Wizard:
Removed Haste
Added Teleport

Removed Death Coil
Removed Unholy Frenzy
Added Death Pact
Added Blood Pact
Added Strength of Spirit

Death Knight
Removed Death Pact
Removed Raise Corpse
Added Dark Portal
Added Raise Dead

Removed Blood Lust

Added Combat Experience

Removed Vigor
Added Cleave

Removed Holy Sword
Added Statis Sword

Removed Fira
Removed Blizzara
Removed Thundara
Added Katon: Gokakyu
Added Hyoton: Fubuki
Added Raiton: Rai Kou

Removed Hide
Added Camoflauge
Added Ensnare

Removed Ensnare
Added Trueshot
Added Aim
Added Barrage

Other Changes
Added Street Lights
Fixed Condition system
Altered furniture
Redid tool tips
Added class tips to heros
Fixed various werewolf glitches
Altered gem mine to drop coal and gems
Altered black smith
Added door switches

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1.22 b2 Change Log
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