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 1.15a Change Log

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PostSubject: 1.15a Change Log   Sat Sep 13, 2008 4:11 pm

Skill Changes
Fixed steal success chances
Change steal base spell to firebolt
Buffed Regen
Buffed cure/cura/curaga
Buffed Protecta
Buffed Might
Buffed Silence
Nerfed Holy/Flare
Removed Fire, Ice, Lightning from ninja and added Jubaku, Throw and Precision.
Made it so teleport cannot target invincible targets
Made Stop able to target
Changed some spell hotkeys

General Fixes
Fixed sage staff name color
Fixed glitch that allowed 2 people into coliseum at once
Change Gem Mine destructible Spawn

Event changes
Dark knight event:
Powered up dark army units
Made unit cap of 50 spawns
Made secondary event sequence where dark knight becomes king if spawn cap is reached
Made events continue if Fierce Bear isn't killed by monk
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1.15a Change Log
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