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 1.24a Change Log

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PostSubject: 1.24a Change Log   Mon Nov 23, 2009 10:02 pm

Black Belt
Increased Crush chance to 8%

Replaced Tempo with Forceful Fists
Changed order of monks skills

Increased stun of Throw Rock to 2 seconds

Replaced Cleave with Cruelty
Lowed the number of times Slayer stacked

Fixed Dragon's Fury
Altered Dragon's Soul to retain items on revive

Increased spears damage
Increased spears damage range
Added Scale Mail (artifact heavy armor)
Added Robes of the Undead (artifact light armor)
Added Ankh of Reincarnation
Fixed weapon mod glitches

Fixed coliseum bug
Increase hydra's regeneration
General buff to lich
Decreased Boo's level to 2
Fixed the sounds that weren't working
Decreased number of moblins in west forest

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1.24a Change Log
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