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 1.22 Change Log

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PostSubject: 1.22 Change Log   Tue Jun 09, 2009 6:02 pm

1.22 Change Log

Black Wizard
Removed Haste and Dark
Added Meteor and Magical Force
Changed function in all fire/thunder/blizzard based spells

Red Mage
Removed Sleep and Regen
Added Martial Knowledge and Haste

Red Wizard
Removed Sleepa
Added Spell Enhance

Altered Con

Removed Jubaku
Added Shadow Step
Altered Second strike to not work with life steal
Altered Smoke Bomb
Altered Swiftness
Altered Tonko
Altered Utsusemi
Altered Apply Poison

Black Belt
Removed Flip
Added Throat Punch

Fixed Tempo and Ki enhance

Fixed Guardian
Altered knight's spell order
Altered Statis Sword
Altered Chimhazzard

Altered stats to run on variables
Altered Werewolf system, hopefully fixing it
Removed double spawning triforce glitch
Increased Bank gates health
Altered display cases
Changed security message system

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1.22 Change Log
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